Recognize the signals

  1. You pay too much for software licenses, additional databases, maintenance, reports and hiring external consultants
  2. Dated user interface, limited browser support and frequent software crashes limit productivity and delay the training time of new employees.
  3. Transforming and upscaling to working with Agile is already a challenge, let alone when your test tooling does not conform to the latest standards for Agile workflows
  4. No or poor integration with other popular test tools (TesterSuite, Jira, qTest and Selenium) leads to loss of time and unnecessary switching between applications.


Think carefully about your relationship with your dated test technology

Changing is not always easy, even when it comes to your old trusted test platform. Sometimes it seems so much easier to maintain the status quo, regardless of the inconveniences that the platform entails. Can we encourage you to think carefully about your relationship with outdated test technology?

Take action and step into a new era.

In a 2-hour session we demonstrate that ICTestAutomation "brings you into a new era of testing". You learn why it fits for your organization and how automated testing and monitoring can be implemented. Converting your existing tests and importing manual tests are the starting point, because that investment should not get lost.

In cooperation with your functional managers our experienced test consultant will demonstrate how ICTestAutomation works on your applications. We even go one step further: as proof we import a number of existing automated and manual test cases and show how they run within ICTestAutomation. The test software is made accessible through our cloud environment. After this consultation we will propose a step-by-step plan, you can read more about it on DEVTOPS 2-2-2.

Read more about DEVTOPS 2-2-2

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