ICTestAutomation Release 7.11

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26 February 2018 |

The V7.11 version of ICTestAutomation consists of a number of more or less small enhancements and bug fixes to the V7.1.0 release. Therefore this version is treated as a patch release.

Customers can download this version from https://forum.trendic.nl.
Curious about ICTestAutomation? Please contact us using info@trendic.nl.


The SUT tree window behavior has changed: it disappears when a test case is opened and reappears when a test case is closed or when the - newly added - SUT tree button is pressed.
All videos are best viewed in full screen mode

The icon style of the Editor menu buttons can be changed to meet a modern look and feel; see Menu buttons, short-keys and function keys.

The Quick Build window now also shows the Test case tree information whilst the Test case Editor window stays opened. Any action in the Quick Build window is also shown in the Test case Editor window and vice versa; this allows the user to instantly add and/or change a function's properties.

Added new function Compare. The function compares the clipboard content against the content in the function's text field which can also be a variable. The comparison type can be specified to be either Alphabetic (default) or Numeric. The argument can be specified from a dropdown list: Equal (default), Not Equal, Greater, Greater or Equal, Less or Less or Equal.

ICPORTAL V7.11.051
Added sort and filter capabilities to the Test Runs (Home), and Scenario's pages.
Added AutoRefresh functionality to the Test Results of Scenario page. 
The effective usable width of all ICPortal web pages is increased by decreasing the right and left margins of the web page.
The Save | Back to list buttons of the Link Test Cases to Scenario page are moved to the top of the page, allowing more length for either Testcases and/or Linked Testcases columns.

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