iDashboards v9.7

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28 March 2018 |

We are excited to announce the release of iDashboards 9.7, focusing primarily on the next generation of the iDashboards Data Hub. Our developers have been hard at work, adding more and more functionality to our premier ETL tool so that you may easily prepare your data for dashboards.

Here’s the skinny on the latest and greatest from iDashboards:

ETL Updates

  • Multi-Site Data Hub: If you have multiple locations within your organization, you can install the Data Hub at each and connect them over the Internet to share blended data. That way, everyone is working from the same set of data regardless of their physical location.
  • More Transformations: Split Columns, Combine Columns, Aggregate Columns, and Date Difference.
  • Sequencing: Often when building an ETL job, you’ll have transformations that are dependent on other transformations. Now, you can tell the Data Hub which tasks to process first, so your data preparation will follow your needed workflow.
  • Improved UX: The Data Hub workspace now has a grid, so you can keep objects in your ETL workflows neat and organized.

API Connectors

  • Salesforce: Connect directly to your Salesforce instance and build dashboards from Reports, Objects, and SOQL queries.
  • QuickBooks Online: Connect directly to QuickBooks Online and build dashboards from your Reports, Entities, and Queries.
  • Google Sheets: Native connection to Google Sheets. You can pull full sheets or specify the columns and data elements you want in your dashboards.
  • Google Analytics: This connection gives you access to the Accounts, Web Properties, and Views of your website(s).

Other Goodies

  • Chart Titles and Naming: Due to popular demand, we have introduced title wrapping for charts and simplified renaming of chart titles.
  • HTML5 Enhancements: Load screen animations are back in the HTML5 viewer, as is the option to export a chart's data to Excel.
  • Wall Display Central Management: Prior to 9.7, each individual Wall Display had to be configured and managed locally. Now, there is Centralized Wall Display management, giving you the ability to manage an unlimited number of Wall Displays from the comfort of your desk.

Want to learn more about all iDashboards has to offer? Register for this Thursday’s webinar, which will be all about v9.7!


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