Op donderdag 28 september organiseerde TrendIC-partner Logicalis SMC een goed bezochte Breakfast Meeting over Test Automation. Testen is vaak slecht ingevuld, tijdrovend, saai én wordt vaak niet als onderdeel van het ontwikkelen gezien. Reden te meer om te automatiseren! Juist alles checken, in samenhang, een regressietest, levert volledige resultaten!

Logicalis SMC over Test Automation “Not because we can, but because we have to?!”

Develop software quickly and deliver it even faster. And of course it should be modern and complete. This is the most common route nowadays. It’s agile, incremental and especially extremely dynamic.

The best products and services are developed step by step, improved, enriched and made available. Nevertheless, releases are not always perfect, and sometimes this is unfortunately discovered during production. Implementing a high quality testing strategy allows prevention of bugs and imperfections. Not just developer- or manual testing, but automated, frequent or even continuously.

Testing is often poorly addressed, time consuming, boring and often not included as part of development. In addition, it is challenging to analyze risks and determine what needs to be tested. Yet another reason to automate the process! Checking everything, every connection, performing regression tests, delivering complete results!

A growing number of IT4IT implementations in an integrated application landscape are tested automatically. For example, Logicalis SMC automatically tests a significant amount of its own products. Our knowledge on this subject can be used at all our customers, enabling them to setup automated testing solutions. We welcome you to talk about the possibilities during our Breakfast Meeting…

Rik Burgering
Managing Consultant @LogicalisSMC


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