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Test case flow diagram

Test case flow diagram

On 2nd Nov 2023

Datum: 2nd Nov 2023
Auteur: Rene Hazelaar

The execution flow of your test cases can depend on various constructions and conditions, like:

Test Data Loops: Test data is often crucial for running comprehensive tests. Loops allow you to iterate through different data sets, ensuring thorough coverage.
OnFailGoto / OnPassGoto: Conditional branching is essential for directing the flow of your test cases based on pass or fail outcomes. These constructs enable you to handle different scenarios gracefully.
Continue on Fail: Sometimes, it's necessary to continue executing test cases even if a particular step fails. The "Continue on Fail" setting allows you to do just that, helping you gather more data on the test's overall performance.
Global Functions: Global functions serve as reusable pieces of code that can be used across multiple test cases, enhancing efficiency and maintainability.

To help you keep a clear overview on your test case execution flow, ICTestAutomation offers graphical diagrams that visually represent how your test cases unfold.
You can instantly see the constructions and conditions that are integrated into the test case. 

This feature helps you to better understand your own testcases and those made by your colleagues. Understanding the flow of test cases is essential for effective software testing. And therefore it is key to ensuring the quality and reliability of your software releases.