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The balancing CTO

The balancing CTO

Internal and external customers are making increasingly higher demands on the platforms and applications they use. They want new functionality and…

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Old Style Tooling

RECOGNIZE THE SIGNALS You pay too much for software licenses, additional databases, maintenance, reports and hiring external consultants Dated…

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ICTestAutomation RPA

RPA Revolutionize the IT World

For all IT people out there, the good news is that the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is heating up fast and is expected to reach $2.9…

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Cloud environments

End-to-End Testing Cloud Environments

End-to-End Testing, Monitoring and Load Testing for Cloud Environments To meet changing business needs and quickly scale, most IT organizations are…

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Selenium Webdriver

ICTestAutomation with Selenium

TrendIC adds Selenium Webdriver to ICTestAutomation The latest release of ICTestAutomation adds an extensive set of Selenium WebDriver functions.…

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With ICTestAutomation you automate time-consuming manual operations, allowing software releases, security patches, hardware systems or other changes, to be put into service quickly and securely.