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Through our proven 2-2-2 method we will help you further. Through a demo on your application, a PoC and a thorough ROI determination, you can make the right decision.


Clarity within two months

01 - QUICKTEST - 2 hours

A TrendIC consultant will work for free with your functional administrators to demonstrate the functionality of ICTestAutomation on your applications. The software will be installed and made operational. Preferably on a virtual server (VM). Workstations such as desktop, laptop and/or mobile devices will be provided by the client.


The PoC starts with a 2-day workshop so that the basic knowledge of ICTestAutomation is mastered. TrendIC Support offers full support from the start of the PoC period. For all technical and functional questions you can contact our helpdesk without any restrictions.


The PoC provides good insight into the added value and ROI/TCO of ICTestAutomation. This experience will help substantiate your investment. You will gain insight into the benefits of ICTestAutomation such as ● risk reduction in case of changes ● lead time reduction ● reduced dependence on team capacity, leave and illness ● lower costs, for example for hiring testers and developers.


Don't waste time while deploying ICTestAutomation: give your professionals a head start with this workshop. In just two days, an experienced TrendIC consultant will teach your team the basics of creating automated cases and executing scenarios with ICTestAutomation. More than 600 professionals have already followed the workshop!


Understand the concept behind ICTestAutomation

Create automated cases

Run automated cases in the Portal

Plan scenarios with automated cases

Use the results

Start today

Start today

Request a free QuickTest so we can show you how easy it is to test or automate your applications.

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