How we work

in three steps & two months of clarity

Explanation of our step-by-step plan

A test consultant, together with your functional managers, will demonstrate the operation of ICTestAutomation on your applications. The test software will be installed and made operational. Preferably on a virtual server (VM). Workplaces such as desktop, laptop and / or mobile devices are made available by the client.

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The PoC starts with a 2-day workshop so that the basic knowledge of ICTestAutomation is mastered. This is a 2-day user instruction for a number of future users and application managers. During this hands-on training experience is gained and you get a clear picture of the functioning and ease of use of ICTestAutomation. The workshop is held on location, usually participants are able to define test cases independently with ICTestAutomation during the first day. Programming knowledge is not required.

One learns

  • Acquire knowledge of ICTestAutomation
  • Make test case by employees themselves
  • Run test cases and insight into test results
  • Maintaining / adjusting test cases

Counseling / consultancy

Assisted on-site by TrendIC to answer user questions, give practical tips and help with the realization of test definitions. To use the experiences of other customers in this way, or to be able to realize the more advanced tests. For this purpose, a number of sessions are planned at your location.


TrendIC will provide remote support and helpdesk support for the entire duration of the Pilot, for all technical and functional questions you can contact our helpdesk. All users can contact the support department, for a POC it is useful if 1 employee will act as contact person.

The PoC provides good insight into the added value and ROI / TCO of ICTestAutomation. These experiences will help in the justification of the investment in the test solution ICTestAutomation.

  • Insight into benefits to be gained, savings and time savings
  • Determining relevant investment options, software modules and licenses
  • Total Cost of Ownership estimate, including initial costs, maintenance and support costs and management effort
  • Determine the required training and implementation effort

Advantages of ICTestAutomation estimates such as risk reduction, short-time reduction, less dependent on the availability (leave, illness) of people, lower test costs and lower costs of hiring testers.