RPA Revolutionize the IT World

On 18th Oct 2017
ICTestAutomation RPA

For all IT people out there, the good news is that the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is heating up fast and is expected to reach $2.9 Billion by 2021 (Forrester). Irrespective of your IT department, this promises to revolutionize your workload.

A virtual workforce

Think about it! You will be able to rely on robots, bots or software agents that are programmed to perform repetitive rules-based tasks across systems and applications, fully capable of emulating human activity. For example, a bot can login and navigate enterprise applications (ERP systems, Web and legacy applications, etc.), fill out forms, capture and manipulate data, trigger appropriate responses and communicate with other systems, using the interface like a real human would. In this new world, any workflow or repeatable business-rules driven processes, such as data entry, card activation, fraud claim discovery, report automation, data migration are candidates for RPA.

Dramatically improve efficiencies

This is a massive win-win for IT. Using a “virtual workforce” or a BotFarm – a deployment of RPA robots or software processes executing automation scripts – you can boost productivity and efficiency, eliminate tedious tasks, free up time for strategic activities and realize significant cost savings for your organization. To give you a flavor, an IT team tasked with moving 60,000 records manually with a team of six people planning to work on it for countless weeks was able to easily complete the project in just four days with ICTestAutomation RPA.

Automating manual tasks

How does this all work? In a nutshell, ICTestAutomation RPA technology automates manual tasks (or user-driven interactions) by remaining a background operation that generates real mouse activity and keyboard strokes against the target application and then responds to the images on the screen – just like a real user. With ICTestAutomation RPA, every user action can be replicated and automated (for example, clicking on, comparing, verifying and awaiting displaying images), and you capture, store and edit baseline bitmap images to define your automation scripts for your bots.

ICTestAutomation RPA is powerful and flexible

This ability to work with images and image recognition instead of objects is critical in Citrix as no underlying objects or controls are delivered to the client. Instead, the server sends screen images to the end-user workstation, and keystrokes and mouse clicks are returned to the server. In addition, just like a human user, ICTestAutomation RPA does not need to ‘see’ an image in the same location each time. ICTestAutomation RPA looks at the entire desktop and when an image needs to be clicked, it will move the mouse to the desired image and issue the appropriate mouse action. ICTestAutomation RPA also automates keystrokes in the same way that an actual user types. The simplicity of using these three elements (visualization, keyboard and mouse) gives ICTestAutomation RPA the power and flexibility to operate with any application or workflow so you can easily automate all your repeatable processes.

Delivering some basic AI functionality

TrendIC’s powerful image and optical character recognition technology can even intelligently account for changes in image display location as well as variations in color. Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability to mimic human mental capabilities like cognition, reasoning or problem-solving (versus RPA or the ability to mimic user actions), one can certainly argue that ICTestAutomation RPA delivers some basic AI functionality to help bots cope better with changes. Regardless of your industry and vertical, RPA is here to stay. Did you know that some estimates claim that robots may replace 800 million workers by 2030? Robots have already replaced humans in 25 percent of China’s ammunition factories. Let’s face it – who wants to be working on a DB roll-out with thousands of records to manually move, when you can use a bot?

Get ahead of the curve. Start your RPA journey now! Put your bots to work for you taking care of mundane, boring and repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

Automate Any Process

Are you ready? In 2019, Forrester Research predicts that automation will become the tip of the digital transformation spear, impacting everything from infrastructure to customers to business models. Researchers say automation will become central to business strategy and operations, driving new standards of customer experience such as deeper personalization, higher quality, faster delivery and greater convenience. This is not just an IT phenomenon – we believe that automation will extend to every, single industry sector.

The big question for you, what are the implications for your business? Our take-away is that software automation can transform your business, allowing you to thrive versus survive.

TrendIC’s ICTestAutomation RPA is the leading solution for automating business workflows and repeatable processes. Using ICTestAutomation RPA, you can reduce costs and improve accuracy while freeing up your employees for value-add, strategic work. Experience shows that automation improves the overall employee experience, eliminating tedious tasks. You can manage any variety and number of processes from the simple to the most complex. Think of your software bots as a virtual workforce that can crunch through big projects and deliver accurate and fast results For example, an IT customer, tasked with moving 60,000 records manually with a team of six was scheduled to work on the project over several weeks. Using ICTestAutomation RPA, the work was completed in just four days.

Our RPA robots can mimic human user actions, such as clicking on links, making calculations, moving files and folders, copying and pasting data, filling in forms, reading, writing and extracting data etc. You can automate applications like data entry, card activation, fraud claim discovery, report automation and data migration.

ICTestAutomation RPA is application-agnostic, non-intrusive and sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure – there is no need for specialist hardware investment or worry about disruption to existing operations. It works across every development environment and is compatible with every Windows-based application plus every application that is accessible via Windows. Our powerful image and optical character recognition (OCR) technology is automatically embedded in each script.

And, there’s no need to worry about the future. ICTestAutomation RPA features state-of-the-art security. Add extra software bots at any stage with minimal investment. And ICTestAutomation RPA allows you to introduce basic AI functionality, which is important as RPA technology will combine over the medium-term with AI and Machine Learning to execute more complex tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Citrix

Perhaps, you work in a bank or healthcare company and need to transfer a million customer or patient records into a new system. What’s the best solution? How do you go about it quickly and effectively? One option is to hire a team of consultants to read and parse the data, check for duplicates, and dump the data into the new database. Another solution might be to transfer the data manually with assigned teams reading one screen while simultaneously entering data into the other system.

The problem is that both options are time consuming and expensive with a high risk of error. There are also data privacy laws to comply with plus the issue of software compatibility and the likely need to invest in middleware.

Surely, there is a better way? Meet TrendIC’s ICTestAutomation RPA – the ideal answer for real user automation scenarios.  You know your own business processes better than anyone. With ICTestAutomation RPA, we provide you with a development toolkit – a library of functions and utilities that you can customize to drive your own applications in line with your business needs.

Use ICTestAutomation RPA to develop software bots that will transfer the data from one system to the next, efficiently and accurately in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.  ICTestAutomation RPA also features powerful OCR functionality to recognize and convert text on Citrix client machines into characters that can be sent as keystrokes to the target machine. As ICTestAutomation RPA is image based, it works like a dream with Citrix, sending keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks, analyzing what’s on the screen and waiting for the status to change. Our advanced solution enters data just like a real user would but without the risk of errors.